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The church teaches that hell and the Lake of Fire are the same.Hell is a Teutonic word, meaning to cover up: Gahena, Sheol, Hades
Tartaroo, and Hades, are trans -lated, as hell in the Bible.The meanings given in Strong’s Bible Concordance are: pit, grave, place of the
dead, and fire, is not mentioned.

Gahena is linked to hell fire, which was a trash dump outside of  Jerusalem. It was kept burning continuously, to take the cities garbage,
dead bodies, and waste.This is known as the Valley of  Hinnom. (2 Chronicles 33:6)

A synopsis of Revelation and the Lake of  Fire. Plagues are forced upon the end times people: of those living on the earth during the
tribulation in the last days. The beast: false prophet, death, and hell (grave), will be cast into the Lake of  Fire. (Revelation 20:10-14)
The fearful: murderers, liars, ect, and those that take the mark of the beast, and are not written in the book of life. These humans will be
taken over by satan, until they are released from their body of death. (2 Timothy 2:26) Their spirit will not be cast into the Lake of Fire:
only that spirit of evil, wickedness, and sin, dwelling, within them are cast there. (Romans 7:20-24)

Their spirit will return toYahweh who gave it. (Ecclesiastes 12:7)  An analogy, is the man with 2000 demons that Yahshua cast into a heard
of swine, his spirit wasn’t evil. (Mark 5:15)

For the most part, Christians don’t think their sin’s are that bad, they judge the severity of other peoples sins. They think that the worst
sinners should be cast into the lake of fire, because they deserve it. “Judge not, lest YOU be judged, with the same measure YOU USE.”

Christians don’t understand the complexity of sin. Just thinking about breaking one of the 10 Commandments, the penalty is Lake of Fire
(Matthew 5:28,29)  Whether it’s Hitler, that caused the deaths of 6 million Jews, or you calling someone a fool.
You would both end up in the Lake of Fire. (Matthew 5:22)   These are fictitious parables, and this won’t happen. People keep forgetting,
Yahshua Messiah died, for all sins, for everyone, small, and great, even for rejection.

The Apostle Paul said, “ What I don’t want to do bad, that I do, but, it‘s not me,  it’s the evil, wickedness, and sin, that dwells within me.
Who will deliver me from this body of death? (Rom 7:15-25)

Paul said it right there, the only way to free us of  the sin within us, is to die.All man -kind’s sins are paid for by, our Savior, and not taken
to the resurrection with us. “As far as the east, is from the west, so far has He removed our sins from us.”(Psalm 103:10-12)

The resurrection is for all people, that ever lived, from Adam on, even those that never had a chance to confess. And remember,
rejection of Yahshua is a sin, that He died for. Then comes the judgment. “We shall all stand before the judgment seat of Yahshua.”
“As I live saith Yahshua: every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue, shall confess to Elohim” (Romans 14:10-12) Some Preachers say:
“ THEY WON’T WANT TO, and after they confess, then, they shall be cast into the Lake of  Fire.” If you read the Bible from Geneses to
Revelation, you will never see one scripture that says that.
One of the main themes of the church is, you need to choose to be saved in this life.That’s by believing  and accepting Yahshua. The
main problem is, when were all people able to choose? Yahshua was born 2000 years ago, and The Bible says:“ There is no other name,
whereby we must be saved." l                                                                                             
It doesn’t take much intelligence, to understand that all of the people living, from Adam till Yahshua, never got a choice. Some may, as
Christians do, quote some vague scripture or their own idea. They try to explain how all mankind, individually, had a choice, even those
in this age.

Bowing their knees before Yahshua Messiah at the judgment.  That’s for all, who never  had a choice, till the resurrection. And those
who did, but were under satan’s influence. All will be sin free, and not influenced by satan. THEN they will have their choice. “And it shall
come to pass, that whoever calls on the name of Yahshua shall be saved.”(Acts 2:21) (Romans 10:13)

Many people are incensed, that All Mankind Will Be Saved, they say “it isn’t fair.” See if you think this example is fair. There are people
that have committed heinous, unspeakable, crimes. It would make you sick to hear about them. Some preachers say,
“If  they recite the sinners prayer, they will go to heaven.” But then they say: “It’s too late to confess and accept Yahshua for salvation,
at the judgment.” Even  for the common people? Now that isn’t fair. ( Yahshua IS )

People in the Bible parable, worked 12 hours in the hot sun. They received the same wages, as the people that worked 1 hour, and  were
incensed. The land owner said:“ Is it not lawful to do what I wish with my own things?  Or is your eye evil because I am good?” (Matthew

This is the parable of  the prodigal son, when he came home. His brother was incensed, because his father killed the fatted calf, and
gave his brother a party. The good son said, “I have been good, you have never done this for me, only for that son of yours.

His father said,  “He was dead and now he’s alive, and besides, all that I have is yours.  (Luke 15:11-32)  You should understand, that the
prodigal son was still in the family, but lost his inheritance, and any position.

The Bible tells of Christians inheriting the earth. They will be part of the government when Yahshua comes back, with rewards, and
positions, for those who love Him.They will reign with Yahshua Messiah, over the multiple billions of people. Those people will bow, and
confess, at the judgment to Yahshua. (Revelation. 5:10)

They are the nations, and like the  prodigal son, they will be in the family. They will have no inheritance, or positions. But, they will also
benefit from the love of Yahweh. He is fair, Forgiving, and He is Love. (1John 4:8-10)

There are doctrines that churches teach, which differ from the Bible. After 2000 years and with the devil’s hand in it, there is bound to be
changes. It wouldn’t be so prevalent, if people were reading and studying the Bible. The following, are examples of some, church

Some denominations teach, if you don’t speak in tongues, you don’t have the Holy Spirit. How could they be wrong?  Most protestant
churches believe. If you aren‘t saved before you die, there’s no chance after that, even after bowing the knee, and confessing  to
Yahshua, at the judgment. They will be cast into the Lake of  Fire and be tormented forever, mostly because of their ignorance. How
could they Be wrong?
There are charismatic persons, that have organized large groups of people. They have their prophesies, visions, and they claim, direct
words from Yahweh. How could they be wrong? Many people are born into a religion, and never know their doctrines. If mom and dad
believe, it must be true. How could They be wrong?  

Most churches celebrate the pagan holidays. Some break the second Commandment, by displaying so called likenesses of Yahshua, or
Marian. Some pastors break the third Commandment, by calling themselves reverend, which is Elohim's Name/Title. (Psalm 111:9)  How
could they be wrong?

There are several churches that believe, you must be a member of their church, or you will burn in the Lake of Fire for ever. How could
they be wrong? Of  the thousands of Christian denominations and doctrines. The real question is, How could they all be right?

Basically, its all about control, what ever denomination your in, you have to play by their  rules, or your out. In their interpretations of the
Bible, some use vague & grey area scriptures. They embellish them and put a spin on scriptures that fits their theology.

The churches have ignored some of the most important doctrines in Christianity. Ask yourself, who should I believe, and obey. The
Apostle Paul said, “ We ought to obey Yahweh rather than men.” ( Acts 5:29) “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your
own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

There are people that don’t  believe things in this document. Even if they believe it’s true, they don’t  think it’s that important. They are
comfortable with their own ideas. They have a saying, that is their problem, (I Think). It is not what they think or, not think. The Bible is
given to us as, the words of our Creator. You don’t decide what you think, is important or not.

The conclusion is: the modern Christian church of today is a parallel religion. They keep a different sabbath. They don‘t refer to Elohim,
and Yahshua by Their Holy names. And they keep the pagan holidays.
They preach the wrong salvation, that’s for a few select people. And they don’t preach the Ten Commandments. Yahshua said “In vain do
they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men” (Matthew 15:9)

“Study to show yourself approved unto Elohim, a workman that doesn’t need to be ashamed, rightly dividing, the words of truth.” (2 Tim.
2:15) “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32) If you are not obeying the truth, are you willing to stand
before Yahshua Messiah at the judgment, and sing,  I did it my way? (Sinatra’s song)

Leaving you with four, of over 100 scriptures from these documents, that proves Universal Salvation .“ Trust in Yahshua who is the
saviour of all mankind, specially of those that believe. (1Timothy 4:10)  Specially, does not mean only.

The next scripture will give the knowledge to believe. “Our Savior.Yahshua Messiah, will have all mankind to be saved, and come to the  
knowledge of the truth.” (1Timothy 2:3,4) The next scripture, is the knowledge of the Truth.

“If you confess to Yahshua, and believe Yahweh raised Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9,10) “Through the Greatness
of  Yahweh’s power, His enemies shall submit themselves to Him, and all the earth shall worship Him. (Psalm.66:3,4)

                                               Posted 2010

There have been many great story tellers in history. Some tell the facts and some fiction. Wil Rodgers was one of the greats, I guess he
must have been,as his name pops up, now and then. There is a lot of history in the Bible, which is all fact, and no fiction. Open up your
Bible, and if you don't have one get one to start reading Elohim's inspired words.

                                              Posted  2010

There are so many wonderful Bible stories.  It is hard to say which one is the greatest.  I love the one about Noah and the Ark.  They have
found the Ark's landing place  in one of the mountains of Ararat. I have a CD that shows them working on the Ark and mapping out all of
the ribs.  They use special sounding devices that go down into the earth.  They found a huge rocks that were used to stabilize the Ark in
bad weather. They had drilled holes in the rocks and tied ropes through them.

Then there is the story about Samson and Delilah.  That is always a favorite one.  The funny one is about Jonah and the whale, which
doesn't say much about it in the Bible.  They are so interesting that Hollywood is made a lot of movies about Bible stories.  The one good
thing about it is they are all true stories.

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