Health Tips
Which is more important to you? Your house, car, clothes, dog,
cat? Or your body. (Health) To many people these other things
are more important. If you change your eating habits, get some
exercise and people start calling you a health nut. You are on the
right track.
Before we start, I want to make a comment on our present health care issue.There is so much pros
and cons that people don't know what to think.  The politicians don't even know the entirety of the
plan, and most have not even read it. The first President Bush had the right ideas, he said the health
care plan should be eating right and exercising. He didn't mention the fast food restaurants that have
ruined this country's health. The soft drinks with chemicals like aspartaine and other additives. My
nephew grew up on diet coke with aspertain. An article I read said it can cause M.S. And guess
what, he has multiple sclerosis. Look at the ingredients on the packages of food you buy, it is
difficult to even pronounce all the chemicals in them.This is how doctors make most of their money
from fat lazy junk food junkies. But wait, as they say in the commercials..  Just follow my tips and be
a little humble about it, when you get healthy.

You should consult with your family doctor before taking my advice. The only education I have in the
health field is the experience in the things that I have tested, which will be written here.
I do not shun Doctors or put all trust in homeopathy. The main thing that I have advocated, is eating
healthy, exercise, & shunning chemicals, except the ones that your Doctor says will keep you
I believe that most anyone can reverse health problems with prayers to our creator, a  very positive
mental outlook on life, proper eating habits, & some exercise. This may not be for people who are in
the last stages of a disease, who give up, and are waiting to die. The Doctors call it a miracle when
some people in those situations do survive
Many believe that to be healthy you have to give up all the things that you enjoy in this life. As far as
food is concerned, it’s not what you eat occasionally, but what you eat everyday that counts. I  
Common sense would tell you that if you had high cholesterol, to wait till you have it in check before
eating high fat foods
.  I have a little joke that I shock people with, "Anything that taste good, is bad for you."
It's the health nuts motto. We know that isn't true, there are more food than you can
count that's good tasting and is good for you. This topic is about vitamins, manufactured
and natural vitamins that are in unprocessed foods.

Some of my knowledge about vitamins is from Dr. Dean Adell on radio. His parents
owned a company that manufactured vitamins and what better sources of information
can you get. Since I listened to him quite often. Just recently he retired from his

I can not count the times he has said that manufactured vitamins are no good, in those
very words. Not only are they no good: they are bad for you. If you are taking medication, for a
condition, especially for the heart, it may kill you.

Manufactured vitamins are chemicals which are not evaluated by the FDA. They can conflict with the
meds. They did a blind study of 180,000 people that took vitamins with the ones that didn't. The
people that took no vitamins lived an average of 4 years longer, and they didn't know why. The main
way to get your vitamins daily is by good food. I want to help you be healthy. You can also learn
more things about the Bible by returning to Honor Messiah
What is the difference between chemical And natural vitamins?  The question is answered.  One is
chemical and the other is natural.  Why would we want to eat food that has natural vitamins, when we
can just pop a pill and get the same thing.?  The reason is, vitamin pills do not have complete
vitamins like natural foods do. Each food has its own complete vitamins. An orange that has a high
concentration of vitamin C, and a fig  which is not even close to that, but figs have other vitamins
that are good for you.

The best way to get all your vitamins is to eat a variety of foods. If you have a food blender, you
can mix vegetables and fruits together. There are other supplements that you can add, such as
brewers yeast, sunflower seeds, and so on. This is very handy for breakfast in the morning. You can
even mix it up at night and have it ready for you in the morning. If you have a 64 ounce container,
like Vita Mix has.  You can fix two portions and have half of it for breakfast one day, and half the
next day, like I do. All the items below go into my breakfast drink, start with 2 cup of Welches, add all
frozen food, turn it on and start adding the rest, with Welches juice.

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                                             My Breakfast of Champions

(Frozen)                                            (Table Spoon)
Welches grape juice base         1 Black strap molasses            1 Soaked prune
1/4 Cup Spinach                       1 Apple cider vinegar           1 Soaked date
1/4 Cup Broccoli                       4 Heaping honey               7 Almonds
                                       1 Pumpkin seeds                Small handful walnuts
1/4 Cup Blueberries                  2   Yogurt                      1 Green tea bag opened
2 Cubes Mango                       1  Sunflower seeds             2 Aloe leav                                         
2 Strawberries                       1 Brewers yeast                  Sea weed powder
                                      Maca                                1 mushroom
                                       buckwheat                       6 baby carrots
4 Cherries                            1 Tumeric                        (Cut the amounts down for smoothness)
                                      1 Chia seeds
(Table spoon)                        1 Cacao powder                    
1/4 Cinnamon                        1 10 Grain cereal
                                       1 Wheat germ
                                       1/4 Lemon
                                       1/4 Apple
Flax oil                                1/4 Orange                          
1 Arctic cod oil                        1/3 Banana
1 Grape seed oil                       1 Slice green papaya
1 Coconut oil                          1 Moringa