Poems of Estelle Gerke

There are smiles that make us happy and they are nice on someone we know,
who always has a happy smile no matter where she would go.

If she ever had a problem you would never know her to confide,
she would close the door when she went out and locked them all inside.

A smile can go a long long way in giving someone a lift,
even no words are spoken, giving cheerfulness is a gift.

Sometimes our lifestyle changes,we don't go flitting or gad about,
but being happy and having friends is what a happy life is about.
                                Estelle Gerke

Have faith in Yahweh He'll see you through,  have patience, He'll know what to do.
Each problem is worked out with
care,  so calmly wait, He knows you are there.

Some burdens seem more than we can
bare, that's when we ask Yahweh to share.
Give Him your troubles, His shoulders are
strong, let Him decide if it's right or wrong

Just like Job we are put through a test, to believe, have faith, and do our very best.
Sometimes our minds over rule our
heart, absorbing worries, let Yahweh take part.

Awake each morning to a brand new day, thank Yahweh, lift your eyes and say.......
Your so glad He is there to take your
hand, to relieve your mind, He is in command.
                             -Estelle Gerke


If you count to ten when you are
angry, it may put you in a quandary                         
Counting doesn't give time to
think, and it can put you over the brink.

Anger rises at something said, without the time to think ahead.                                   
Angry words can't be taken
back, what ever is said you can't retract

Friendships end by a hasty word, parting friends for ever, like a sword.

Counting to ten is very rare, just say ten words of Yahshua's prayer.

It calms you and puts you at
ease, soothing all the anger and displease                        
Of someone's
misunderstanding,   Yahweh is more understanding.

                            -Estelle Gerke

A Challenge

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to do the things we want to do;
It can also be a challenge, with determination to see it all through.

It's easier not to do it, and then say, "you know it couldn't be done."
But unless you fear the outcome, you'll never know...you might have won.

The challenge of achieving something, is more important than having fame;
It's the personal satisfaction, not the glory and honor that you would attain.

If you have enthusiasm with persistence, and the will to always win;
Have confidence in yourself...it's an accomplishment before you begin.
                            Estelle Gerke

Be Prepared

Don't let the world and problems get you down,  just don't let it see you frown.
Smile at the world it'll smile right back, and never know what ever you lack.

Don't look at the top....go rung by rung, plan your life while you are still young.
If you have the will and determination, you are bound to reach your destination.

Mountains are so high, you can't run to the
top, it's step by step, then you stop...
Look and listen...plan carefully your
move...then get yourself in the groove.

Ability and experience go hand in
hand, nothing is easy without it, in this land.
It's work from the bottom not the top, get an education before your told to stop.

It's bucking the world that can defeat you, with education, the better it'll treat you.
Win or lose... what ever
you do, be prepared, then your dreams can come true.

                          Estelle Gerke


A shaft of bright sunlight awoke me, as it filtered into my room
revealing a spider above me, compelling me to go for a broom,

But,I hesitated a moment because of my wonderment and curiosity,
because of it's precise maneuvers and how it worked so diligently.

There wasn't a breeze to help, but it swung to the light just the same;
There was no momentum in the web, but those obstacles it overcame.

I kept wondering if I worked that hard, and had all that determination,
and kept on trying time after time, would I have that much toleration?

Should I be lucky and have success, would all the effort be appealing,
or would it be just like the spider, that was swept right off the ceiling.

                         Estelle Gerke

Do It

Do it, you've made up your mind, stick to it..don't be a quitter;
Even though the going is rough, and all seems futile and bitter.

You've got to go on and do it, and know that you really had tried,
and did the very best you could, retaining your personal pride.

It's the pride, stick-to-it-ism, and your promise that had been made,
there's also the trust in yourself...just knowing you are not afraid.

You can't renege on a promise, it's your word of honor... an oath
to carry on and see it through, tho it may be something you loath.

It's easy to be a quitter, when you're not sure that you'll succeed;
the experience that you achieve is worth the effort for your deed.
                  Estelle Gerke

Footprints of Time

We journey along life's shore, leaving foot prints in the sand.
Marking for eternity...where life and death go hand in hand.

Life is like little pebbles moving speedily along in a stream;
Some getting bogged down, others seem to bounce and gleam.

Many get mired deep in sand, doomed forever without light,
The lucky ones keep going, rolling on with an unseen might.

Life can be serene or strife, and many never have the chance,
To break away from shackles acquired by their circumstance.

Others like the very lucky pebbles, go merrily on their way,
Jumping over many obstacles, and making progress every day.

Make your foot prints deep, for the travelers along life's shore,
Seeking their goals and directions for a better life forever more.

                  Estelle Gerke

Have You?

Have you  had the rug pulled from under you? Your bubble bust before your eyes?
Watched your cloud's silver lining turn black, then swallowed by thunderous skies?

Have you thought you had a nightmare and wondered if it could be true?
Then realized with a shock, it wasn't a dream, it really happened to you?

Have you counted many weeks patiently with joyous anticipation?                             Then found out
when the time arrived it wasn't up to expectation.?

Have you waited for a special day and with blood rushing to your head?
Only to find the bottom drop out, and ecstasy  turned to gloom instead?

Have you?                               Estelle Gerke


I always found it hard to sleep even though I counted sheep, all day I worked adding bills.
All night Long I couldn't sleep so I tossed and turned and I counted sheep in the hills.

Even counting backwards was confusion.  The sheep always reversed causing the delusion.
Even when having  them jump by twos was quite a
trick, until I got fouled up on arithmetic.

Every idea about sleeping.  I've tried, but here is a secret I must have to confide,
I have found a good remedy for sleep. I talked to the good Shepherd, I don't count sheep.
                               Estelle Gerke

           Don't look back

Eyes straight ahead and don't look around, Or that past will start gaining ground.
Don't look back, softly closed the door, yesterday's is gone for ever more.

There is more sorrows was then anyone knows, And problems get worse as time goes. Today
exists to all, but it belongs to
you, yesterday is gone, it said adieu.

Make most of life, you will never know, if those tomorrows will ever show.
All time is measured by today, yesterdays are gone, memories will stay.

                               Estelle Gerke

In control

To control yourself, don't count to 10 there may be confusion and a lot of tension
Counting 10 doesn't give any time to
think, that extra time can put you over the brink

Anger can rise quickly at something said, and we don't have much time to think ahead
An angry word, you can never take back no matter what's said, you can never retract

Friendships are broken by a too hasty word.  You are parted for ever in a fast moving world.
If you must count, there is just 10 words
there, in the very first line ofYahshua's prayer

Not only will it come and put you at ease at the hate and anger or that displease.
Of someone's rashness or misunderstanding may bring the thought of Elohim to a better


life is such a priceless gift yet, carelessly thrown away.
By speed and  thoughtlessness in this fast moving world of today.

Most of the youth are daredevils; There is something they have to prove.
With fast cars or, jump from the sky, any dangerous thing that'll move.

You cannot reason with a youngster about life or how he should live.
All you can do is guide him hoping he takes advice you give.

                     Yesterday's Dreams

Somewhere, somehow along the way, we have sort of gotten out of tune.
We used to watch the stars at night, and marvel at the rising moon.

Fantasizing how it would be to travel miles up in the air.
And land upon a shiny star and to live for ever there.

Those dreams have long been forgotten, we left to them they are to fly away.
Maybe some day we'll dream again and to bring back thoughts of


The world doesn't owe you a living, what ever you get, you should earn.
Life gives some more rewards by giving with no deposit you get no return.


Criticism can be unpleasant unless it is constructive,
In helping alleviate a fault and not being too derogative.

Most everyone is sensitive when called attention to their fault,
they don't take it as a correction, sadly, they feel it's an assault.

                     Reach out and Touch

If we can send a bit of sunshine into someone's day, that's very dark,
Or kindle a lonely spirit that has suddenly lost its spark.

If there is a way of giving hope to someone in deep despair,
Just my reaching out a hand to let them know we are there.

By getting a sudden phone call may give someone time to think,
when they are at their lowest ebb may be tottering on the brink.

It may bring them back to reality and let them find life is worthwhile,
and if they get in tune with God, they will turn their tears into a smile.

Showing you love them means so much when the going seems too rough,
And they are all alone with bitter thoughts with a feeling they have had enough.

That is when a friend needs a friend to reach out and say that you are there,
With a bit of encouragement to help raise them, out of despair.

It may be communication that would help them through the day,
or it could be a card or phone call that would help to pave the way.

We have a serious thoughts of others with sympathy and silent prayer,
but the giving of yourself is medicine and lets them know that you care.

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