Christ's Mass

Many say that christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is a time for family and friends to get together.The beautiful lights and
decorations, are a site to behold. The christmas trees, the holly wreaths, yule log, mistletoe, the beautiful christmas music and santa claus.

It is wonderful to exchange presents, like the wise men did when they visited Yahshua at His birth. I love the story of the Apostles when they sang
christmas carols from house to house. Then they sat around the christmas tree and exchanged presents every year at Yahshua's birth day.

Does all of this sound familiar to you?  The problem is, it’s not in the Bible, it’s all doctrines of men. Here are some of the truths.The word antichrist
also means in place of, I believe that santa claus fits that criteria perfectly. The christmas tree, holly wreaths, yule log and mistle- toe are all of
pagan origin. The nativity scene breaks the second Commandment.

The wise men did not give Yahshua presents on His birthday, but because he was a King.The apostles did not sing christmas carols or exchange
presents on His birthday, and never was there a celebration in the Bible on Yahshua's birth day. If you go on the internet and log in to origins of
christmas it will give you all the information about the pagan rituals.                                                                                                        You will find
out that the church that celibrates mass, is the one that instituted Christ's mass and the rituals. The Mass is their communion where they believe
that the wafers they eat is the literal body of Yahshua and the wine is His blood.

It all comes down to this, should we follow like sheep after the secular establishment?  Not if you are a professing Christian. Yahshua said, “In vain,
do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”  If you can't find it in the Bible, it is a doctrine of men.Yes, the church has
turned into doctrines of men.

christmas is a sacred cow, which means that people will not give it up, even if it is wrong. Some might use this catch word, “You are being
legalistic.”  Whether that is true or not, a dedicated Christian that loves Yahshua would want to please Yahshua and not their own self. Each
person should decide that on their own.

When they say we should put Christ back in christmas, He was never there. Some say that many accept Yahshua at that time of the year. Whether
true or not, Yahshua does the calling, and He doesn’t need a pagan holiday to do it. And by the way, if legalistic is keeping
His Commandments and obeying Him. Is that wrong ? No it isn't. Ok, If someone wishes you a merry Christmas, just say merry Christbirth back to
them. Logon to the internet and click on pagan holidays, and also the origin of the name god. You will be very suprised.

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