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Thus says Elohim: Heaven is my throne. (Isaiah 66:1) Elohim has established His
throne in heaven. (Psalm 103 :19)   We know that heaven is where He resides, along with the Angels. (Matthew 18:10) We don’t know where, but it
isn’t on this earth yet. When the Messiah was received up into heaven, He sat on the right hand of the Father.

(Luke 16:19)No one has ascended up to heaven, but He who came down from heaven, that is,except Yahshua. (John 3:13) That most likely means
bodily, because; When you die, the dust returns to the earth, and Your spirit returns to the Creator who gave it. (Ecclesiastes 12:6,7) The Bible
doesn’t record any activity for those spirits, except for a fictitious parable.

The dead do not praise Elohim, nor any who go down into silence. (Psalm 115;17)  
After the 1000 year millennium, John saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first
heaven and the first earth passed away. Then he saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, from the Creator.

Then he heard a voice from heaven saying, The tabernacle of Yahshua is with mankind, He will dwell with them. They shall be His people, and
Elohim Himself will be with them. (Revelation 21:1-4)  And be their Father. (Matthew 6:9)

This is the final heaven where Yahshua's throne will be, all will be in that heaven, why?
Because the Bible tells me so. If you take Romans 5 at face value, and not put your own spin on it. That tells, all saved, all go to heaven. If you click
on All Will Be Saved on the index, it will give you the whole story.

I want to give my impression of what heaven will be like. Elohim created the heavens and the earth, the seas, and all that is in them. He said when He
comes back there will be no more seas. The Atlantic, Pacific and  the others, no more. He said that the deserts would bloom. The Gobi, Sahara and
all the deserts of the earth will be forested.

Even atheists see the beauty of the flora. All the fruits, vegetables, nuts will be available in abundance. The flora with it’s colors, sizes from the
smallest to largest, taste, aromas, and the vast varieties that you will never tire of.

Then the fauna, with all the beauty of the animals and their color, sizes, sounds, and  
varieties. I don’t believe we will be eating them as Elohim said, there will be no more
death. I believe there will be better, tastier things to eat.

And one plus on that is, I hope and pray we can have our pets that we have in this life. And remember this, Elohim may not be finished in creating
things and possibly continue forever. I wonder if the dinosaurs will be recreated? and maybe even ride one. A friend of mine once told me that he
would be boored in heaven to have to live forever, oh really?

Elohim said there will be pleasures for evermore. I will say that the number one pleasure is being in Elohim's love. His love for us, mingled with our
love for Him I believe that the feeling of spiritual, and emotional pleasure would be indescribable and awe some. It’s to bad we can’t have that, 100%
in this life, as the Apostle Paul said, “ there is evil and sin dwelling in him“ (Us)

The second pleasure would be interacting with our brothers and sisters in Yahshua,
including mothers fathers, siblings, and friends. Just think of conversing with Yahshua,
Apostles, Prophets, Moses, Jonah, Mary, David, ect. There will be no more tears, sorrow, crying or pain. And I might add, no jalousie, pride, envy
and just plain sin.

The third would be to enjoy the beautiful earth that is renewed. Elohim said there would
be no more tares. (weeds)  I have been to Lake Tahoe in California a few times and it
looks like someone landscaped it. The huge white granite boulders the trees and the
crystal clear lake that you can see to the bottom 30, 40 feet down. When you think about it, Elohim did landscape it.

Even though there will be no more seas, there may be large lakes and islands that we have now.The fourth would be enjoying the flora by walking in
the forests, like the giant sequoia red woods. With the ferns, sun streaming through the trees, birds singing, deer and small animals scurrying

The hills and mountains, valleys, fjords, canyons caverns. In other words, not only enjoying the people, but Elohim's other creations, and they are
two numerous to mention. The fifth is that  Elohim said we will have pleasures for evermore. The eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor have
entered into the heart of mankind. The things which Elohim has prepared for those who love Him. He said, “If you love Me, keep the  

I don't know about you people, but I am looking forward to heaven. What could be better than a perfect world. There is a saying, " Everybody wants
to go to heaven, but no body wants to die"  I don't mind dying, as long as it doesn't hurt.(Joke)  Some times I think, is heaven real? Are we all going
there, or do we just die, dry up and blow away.

Then I look around at creation and marvel at it. There is so much to see and the perfect
order of everything. The beauty of it all, and wonderfully made. Even Albert Einstein said " The universe is to perfect to be without a Creator. Then I
remember the prophesies of the Bible and how they have come true and continue to. Then I came to my senses, yes it is all true.

There are many people that question the creator's motives for doing things. They say why did He do that? Or why is this the way it is. Why do people
have to suffer? Then they might ask, why is the sky blue. There is an old pilot saying, keep the blue above and the brown below. Getting back to all
the questions. We are the clay and Elohim is the Potter, the clay doesn't ask the Potter, how have you made me. Click on All Saved at the top index,
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