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Every Word Has A Meaning.
Mankind shall not live by bread alone, but by
every,word that proceeds out of the mouth
of                       Elohim (Luke 4:4)
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The following is a list of people that were filled with the Holy Spirit. At the same
time, they spoke in the language of the day, or didn’t speak. The Bible does not
record anyone speaking in a language that was not in use, in some part of the world
at that time.

                                                                    These people were filled with the
These people spoke in the                                       Holy Spirit at the time, but didn't
language of the day when                                        Speak in tongues, or even speak.     
They were filled with the Holy Spirit.                       
Elizabeth  Luke 1:41,42                                               John the Baptist   Luke 1:15
Zacharias  Luke 1:67,68                                               Simeon                 Luke 1:25
All spoke  Acts 2:4                                                      Mary                    Luke 1:35
Peter         Acts 4:8                                                      Steven                 Acts 6:3-5
All spoke  Acts 4:31                                                    Disciples             Acts 8:17
Steven      Acts  7:55,56                                               Saul                   Acts 9:17
Paul         Acts   13:9,10                                              Peter                   Acts 11:15
All spoke  Acts 19:6                                                    Many                  Acts 11:24
l                                                                                  Men of  Elohim  2 Peter 2:1

Angels spoke in the language of the day, 29 times in the Old Testament. They spoke,
19 times in the New Testament. The tongues of men and Angels were the same, as
recorded in the Bible (1Corinthians 13:1). David had the Holy Spirit, but it was never
recorded that he spoke in tongues.

It was thought that since the Apostles were preaching all over the known World.
Yahshua gave them the gift of language. The example of that is in (Acts 2:4,5,6). This
is where people from 18 different Provinces heard their own language, at the same
time that Paul spoke. This is just one of Yahshua’s miracles.    

The Apostles asked Yahshua to teach them to pray. He responded with only one form
of prayer. He gave them what is called, the Lord’s prayer. Not that they only use that,
but to use it as a model for their own prayer. He said "
Pray after This manner."
(Matthew 6:9) He said "Don't use vain repetitions, like the heathens do".(Matthew 6:7)

Yahshua chose the Apostles to be His emissaries, for when He returned to the Father.
It is positively certain that Yahshua would have taught them in another form of prayer
or preaching if it was important, or required. It was not recorded that He taught them
anything, but the Lord's Prayer. As the Apostle Paul said, "Shun profane babblings: for
they increase unto ungodliness" In vain do they worship Yahshua, teaching doctrines
of men.

                                                       Jim's Comment
With all the languages, dialects, accents and thoughts of the world. Mankind could never in all eternity thank Elohim enough for giving mankind life
and all that goes with it. Plus we will have pleasures for ever more in the next life. Even so, Elohim looks at the heart of man and not just the mouth,
but the outward signs of our thanks giving.

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