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The Law and The Commandments, in most places of the New Testament, mean the same. The exception would be when they are talking about the
Law of Moses. Examples are:  (Corinthians 9:9) Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn.

(Acts 15:5) Pharisees believed that it was needful to circumcise, to keep the law of Moses.   (John 8:5) Moses, in the Law, commanded that
adulterers should be stoned to death. With the morality of today, the mortuaries couldn’t keep up with them.

(Colossians 2:14) Moses’ Laws and ordinances were symbolically nailed to the cross.(613)  There are some scriptures about
The Law /
that seem to do away with them. At the end, it always substantiates them.
(Gal. 3:12)
The Law is not of faith, but the man who does them shall live by them.
(Galatians 3:12,13) “Yahshua has redeemed us from the curse of The law.”              
(Hebrews 12:5,6) As for breaking
The law, we receive chastening in this life only.

( Matthew 5:17,18) Yeshua said “ Don’t think that I came to destroy
The Law or the Prophets. I didn’t come to destroy, but to fulfill. Till heaven , and
earth pass away, not one jot or tittle will pass from The Law, till All is fulfilled.
The Lord
fulfilled  prophesy of suffering and dying for our sins, and was resurrected for our life. All is not fulfilled YET. The next paragraph will
fulfill prophesy.

(Revelation 21:1-4) John saw a
new heaven and earth , for the first passed away. He saw the Holy city come down from Elohim. He will dwell with
mankind, and wipe away all tears. There will be no more death, sorrow, crying, or pain. The former things are
passed away and all things made new.

It’s amazing that people who read the Bible, can’t see that all is not fulfilled yet,
till heaven and earth pass away. It’s only common sense, that The
Ten Commandments
will pass away, when Elohim is dwelling with mankind in the Holy City.  NOT done away, in this sin, sick, world, that needs
The Ten Commandments. (NO BRAINER)

(Romans 13:8) “Owe no man anything, but  to love one another: for if you love another you have fulfilled The Law.” ( Fulfilling the requirements of
The law daily, doesn’t end it. (Rom 3:3 “Do we void The Law through faith? Elohim forbid: we establish The Law.”

(1 Jn 3:4) Whosoever commits sin, brakes
The Law: for sin is the transgression of The Law. (Rom 6:15)“Shall we sin, when we are not under The
, but under grace? Yahweh forbid.

Rom 7:7 Paul said “Is
The Law sin? Yahweh forbid, No, I had not known sin but by The Law: For I had not known lust, except The Law had said, you
shall not covet.”   (Rom 7:12) “Therefore
The Law is Holy, The Commandments are Holy just and good.”

(Rom 7:16) Paul said “If  I do what I try not to do, I agree with
The Law that it is good” Rom 7:25)“With the mind I serve The Law of Elohim: but with
the flesh the law of sin.” (2 Corinthians 7:19) Circumcision and uncircumcision is nothing, but
Keeping The Commandments.

(1 John 5:2) “We love the children of Elohim, by Keeping  His Commandments
(Eph 6:2) “Honor your father and mother, the
First Commandment with promise.”
(Romans 7:1,2,3) “
The Law has dominion over a man as long as he lives.”

(1John 5:3) We love Elohim, if we
Keep His Commandments and they aren't grievous. l  (1 John 3:22)“What ever we ask of Elohim, we receive
from Him, because we
Keep His Commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.”

( Rev 12:17)” The devil was enraged with the woman, and made war with her offspring, who
Keep The Commandments of Elohim and have the
testimony of Yahshua Massiah.” (Rev 14:12) “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that
Keep The Commandments of Elohim and the
faith of Yahshua Messiah.”

“The conclusion of the matter is: fear Elohim and
Keep His Commandments, for this is the whole duty of mankind.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13)  Some
say, that
The Commandments are impossible to keep, why even try? Choosing not to sin, is continuous, in overcoming sin. Has that also, been
done away with?

Yahshua Messiah said: “If you break one of the least of
The Commandments and teach men so, you shall be called least in the Kingdom. If you do
them, and teach them, you will be called great in Heaven” (Matthew 5:19) Nowhere in the Bible has this edict been rescinded.  Many people are
The Commandments daily
There are two words that Christians have trouble with. Which is,
under, and by. When the Bible says that we are not under the Law/
It means we are not under the penalty of being stoned to death for breaking them, as Israel did, or under the penalty of the
Lake of Fire. This means that keeping or breaking them, has nothing to do with our salvation, but will be valuable, for rewards, and positions, in the
Kingdom. (Rev. 22:12)

The person who lives
by or in them, is pleasing to the Lord.  (1 John 5:3) Some people would agree with that. Except, some don’t want to live by any
rules, or suggestions. Elohim and the Messiah, both said,  “If you love me,
Keep The  Commandments. There are two sides to the questions, of  
Keeping The Sabbath and The Commandments.

These documents have about 45 scriptures that are very plain, on keeping them. Now if you come up with 50 scriptures, and not, just your own
opinion, in which to counter them. Then  you would have something to compare with. If you are a Christian that believes every thing your preacher
tells you, without searching the scriptures. Get a King James Bible, Strong’s Exhaustive Bible Concordance, and a Halley’s Bible Handbook.

Look up things in the Bible encyclopedia on the internet. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)   Many
Christians can’t  name the
10 Commandments or the books of the Bible. Search the scriptures as the Bereans did.

.If you think that it’s impossible, for the mainstream Protestant churches, to be wrong on their doctrines. Just because millions of people, for
hundreds of years have kept them. Churches can err, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of denominations that prove it.

(Scriptures are paraphrased)

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